Our Special Multi-Peril program offers a package policy of property and liability coverages on a variety of businesses. If your business exposure does not fit under our BOP program we may be able to offer you an alternative with our Special Multi-Peril policy.

The following may be considered for this program:

  • Restaurants – NYMU Supplemental Restaurant/Tavern Application Required
  • Taverns / Sports Bars – NYMU Supplemental Restaurant/Tavern Application Required
  • Clubs/Fraternal Organizations
  • Mixed Mercantiles (restaurant & apartment, storefront & apartment, etc.)
  • Motels
  • Diners (including 24-hour)
  • Night Clubs (DJ, Bands, Dancing acceptable) – NYMU Supplemental Restaurant/ Tavern Application Required
  • Auto Repair Shops (Property Coverages Only)
  • Caterers
  • Convenience Stores (with and without cooking)
  • Bakeries
  • 5-10 Unit Habitational (If Additional Units Contact Underwriting)
  • Strip Malls

Flat Coverage, Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value available.

ACORD applications are acceptable for this line of business.

Please Note:  Receipt of a completed, signed application by NYMU does not guarantee acceptance. All submissions are subject to Company underwriting review and approval.

Click here to download an application.